Why Us

Retired Man and WomenWe’ve had the privilege of participating in thousands of interviews with people of all ages. We have done planning for as many as 4 generations of the same family. We have clients in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, with our main client base being age 55 and up. That generation has taught us a lot. We’ve been able to learn from your mistakes, as well as your achievements.

With our experience, we have gained an understanding of the needs and concerns of people in retirement and pre-retirement, including:

  • Growing and preserving your money.
  • Generating an income that lasts as long as you do.
  • Transferring your assets seamlessly to the next generation as effectively as possible.
  • Working to protect you from major catastrophes, whether that be in the stock market or with your health.

  • Good news, our proprietary strategies offer the Big Three in one practice:
    • Protection of principal

    • Opportunity of the market without market risk
    • Access to your money when you need it

All, or some, of these issues come in to play for your age group when deciding what to do with your retirement finances.

Today, people work with different companies in their lifetime. They have a 401k that they need to take possession of, but are unsure of what to do with it. Depending on the retirement plan and the financial vehicles you use, you may only have one opportunity to make these decisions.

Why Should You Visit with Strategic Estate Planning Services!
Wisely, we get second opinions on our health, now it’s time you got a second opinion on your wealth. Most people have good intentions, and they figure that they’ll get around to seeing someone who can help them with their retirement finances. And, as time goes on, more and more reasons come up why they can’t make an appointment. But, there are so many reasons to come and have a conversation with us at Strategic Estate Planning Services, including the following:

  • We’ll discuss how to shelter your IRAs from taxes until you begin taking distributions.

  • We’ll show you how our strategies work, which actually allow you to protect principal in volatile markets and guarantees both income and growth.
  • We’ll determine what percentage of your portfolio would be suitable to go in the strategies we offer.
  • There is no obligation for our initial consultation, just a friendly conversation.


Neither the firm nor its agents or representatives may give tax or legal advice.  Individuals should consult with a qualified professional for guidance before making any purchasing decisions.

Any references to protection benefits, guaranteed income, safety, and lifetime income generally refer to fixed insurance products, never securities or investment products.  Insurance and annuity product guarantees are backed by the financial strength and claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company.